Surya O'Shea

Surya has this to say about the subjects of his paintings:
"My artwork features grungy little lads and lasses of the elfish variety; jolly, silly, and good-natured. These folk are representations of the side of my personality that is simple and happy, and my hope is that when people see the work they will connect to that side of themselves as well."
More specifically, he says this about his creatures:
"They are idle, to be certain, caring little for work or toil of any kind. They live on mushrooms, apples, beer, buttered scones and Paddies (a type of bread-cake). They care very little (or not at all) for tomorrow or the day after or anything in the future, for that matter. They live the way I would prefer to live, if I had the choice: surrounded by nature, unfamiliar with stress, unencumbered by the modern world. I suppose I live vicariously through them, and I hope others will to."
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