Nene Thomas

The fairy figurines created by artist Nene Thomas run the gamut from exotic to erie. While some Nene Thomas fairy images paint a picture of innocence, others conjure up an impression of evil intent. The limited edition Nene Thomas figurine entitled "Storm Runes" is a perfect example of the latter, with its hypnotic dark eyes, flowing black hair, and a dress that looks like it was made from raven feathers. To add to the rather chilling appearance of this Nene Thomas gothic figurine, its black hair, upon closer inspection, has the chilling appearance of serpents. Another limited edition fairy figurine crafted by Nene Thomas is appropriately called "Queen of Shadows". The foreboding effect of the black funereal gown and the bat-like wings of the figurine stand in sharp contrast to its slender, delicate features.

Nene Thomas Series One "Bubbles and Butterflies" Collectibles include "Day Break", "Blue Dream", "Purple Lace", and "Gathering Storm" Figurines. Her Series II "Bubbles and Butterflies" collectibles include the figurines "Rainbow", "Crimson Lilly", and "Misty Blue". Although the "Gathering Storm" and "Dark Skies" Nene Thomas figurines look predictably ominous, the "Daybreak", "Rainbow", "Purple Lace", and "Misty Blue" figurines seem to convey a free spirited feeling. Also available are a series of Nene Thomas orchestral fairy ornaments, which each come with a hanger and base. In addition to her fairy figurines, Nene Thomas has also created an expanding collection of art prints, many of which are contained in a book called "Parting the Veil". A wide variety of signed and numbered limited-edition Nene Thomas art prints - some matted and framed - are also available through our online catalog.

Nene Thomas limited edition prints are stunning depictions of the ethereal world of fairies. Sought after for their extraordinary beauty, Nene Thomas signed and numbered limited edition art prints are breathtaking in their subtlety and flowing detail. With titles such as Citrine Chrysanthemum, Dark Skies, Frost Moon, and Queen of Owls, there is never a doubt that her work will be evocative and imaginative. In addition to fairies, Nene Thomas also paints goddesses, mermaids, dragons, and other fanciful creatures. The variety of Nene Thomas' work includes ornaments, water globes, and fantasy tiles. In 2006, Nene Thomas published her first book, a collection of the broad spectrum of her masterful work.

Nene Thomas fairy art is sought after by collectors throughout the world. Reaching into remote corners of our imagination, Nene Thomas fairy art has both a soothing and intriguing effect on the admirers of her work. One of the more recent example of Nene Thomas fairy art is a print entitled "Prophecy". Part of the new series of Nene Thomas fairy art prints, called "The Zarryiostrom", her illustrations will be appearing in a new book being written by her husband. Nene Thomas. The recent collection of Nene Thomas fairy art, published in 2006, is featured in the book "Parting the Veil - the Art of Nene Tina Thomas". Dramatic scenes, flowing images, and natural beauty are all intrinsic parts of Nene Thomas fairy art.

Noble, romantic and splendidly presented thats the artistry of Nene Thomas. Nene Thomas has a way of capturing beauty, illuminating us like a firefly in a bottle. View the Nene Thomas limited edition prints entitled Chance Encounter, Always or Queen of Owls, among others. Become part of the magic. Purchase a Nene Thomas for your home . . . or as a special gift. Shop conveniently, safely right online; orders are shipped within one to two days.

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