Jessica Galbreth

Jessica Galbreth

The enchanted world of mythical fantasy artist Jessica Galbreth is teeming with supernatural creatures who exist in a realm that has no limits. Her gothic and fantasy fairies and collectibles illustrate how the magical world of fairies is beautiful, elegant, and full of wonder and possibility. Jessica Galbreth paints the picture of mythology and ancient cultures mixed with fantasy fairy art that delights fairy art collectors, new and old.

"I am often asked why I chose to paint images of myth and fantasy for my art career. It honestly never seemed like a choice, as this is what is truly in my heart. From the time I was a small child, I have loved fantasy art, especially art with a basis in mythology. I am inspired by many things...mother nature in all her beauty, the intricate myths and stories of ancient cultures, the shadowy mysteries of the moon, and the innocence and simplicity I see in the eyes of my young children. It is my most sincerest hope that my artwork serves to remind others of the magic that surrounds us and lives within us always." - Jessica Galbreth

If you're intrigued by Jessica Galbreth's enchanting art, you'll enjoy her fantasy collectibles, fantasy prints, signed Giclee and Embellished Fantasy Art Prints, and Fantasy Art Tiles. We also feature Jessica Galbreth Cross Stitch Patterns, Zodiac Prints and Gifts, Faerie Jewelry, and Books, Journals, and Stationary. Another one-of-a-kind product is Jessica Galbreth's New Fairy Scents collection.

Browse through an amazing selection of Jessica Galbreth fairy art, fairy keepsake boxes, gothic fairy cross stitch patterns, fantasy art tiles, calendars, and books.

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