David Delamare

In David Delamare's fairy art, he portrays fairies as glowing, firefly-like creatures that may visit us when we're asleep. That fantasy was vividly illustrated in an art print entitled "Midsummer Dream", a dazzling example of David Delamare fairy art at its finest. This particular piece of David Delamare fairy art is further enhanced by being published on heavy archival paper and presented on backing in a clear display sleeve.

One of the ways that David Delamare fairy art departs from what might be seen as typical or traditional fairy art is his depiction of mermaids. Art prints such as "The Illustrated Mermaid" and "The Tatooed Mermaid" is an offshoot of David Delamare fairy art. Sensual, engaging, and laden with delicate detail, David Delamare fairy art is full of subtleties, nuance, and interesting textures.

Fairy pictures by David Delamare dance with light. He exudes a definite gift for recreating theatrical classics and intriguing fairies and mermaids. You simply have to gaze at the captivating images he creates, such as in The Egg, Catch a Falling Star or Fairy Moon, to fully appreciate his unique talent. David Delamare often works in oils for more texture and depth in the details, although it's been said that he prefers to let the painting dictate the medium. Delamare's work presents a symphony in creativity. Delight your mind and enrich your home with prints by David Delamare.

David Delamare's versatile style is evident when comparing his Victorian Fairy Collection with his Seasonal Processions fantasy art prints or The Unseen World. Someone on your gift list might also enjoy receiving a set of artistic note cards featuring the fairy pictures and mermaid artwork of David Delamare.

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Alice in Wonderland Series

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David Delamare Fairy Art Prints

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David Delamare Mermaid Prints

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