Anne Stokes


Anne Stokes

                               lives in Leeds in the beautiful county of Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom, with her husband Ralph, young son Leo and spinger spaniel Obi. Anne Stokes has been a full time artist for about 12 years. Ever since she was a child and her father read her The Hobbit, Anne loved the world of fantasy.


Anne Stokes has produced a lot of artwork for clients in the games industry, including illustrations for Wizards of the Coast's Dungeon and Dragons rule books and miniatures. Anne's artworks have been licensed on a wide range of merchandise including T-shirts, posters, book covers, calendars, jigsaws, tarot cards, sculptures, CCG sleeves, mugs, jewellery and greetings cards.


View: Anne Stokes Coaster Sets

Anne Stokes Coaster Sets

View: Anne Stokes Gothic Coffee Mugs

Anne Stokes Gothic Coffee Mugs

View: Fairy Figurines

Fairy Figurines

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Keepsake Boxes

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Tiles and Scrolls